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FAQ Air Purifying Bag

FAQ Air Purifying Bag

What’s in the Bag ?

Vaayu Organic air purifying bag has only one master ingredient  “the activated charcoal”  which is highly porous in nature and absorbs all the pollutants, allergens and bacteria from our home, car and office.

 Why is Activated Charcoal better than regular charcoal ?

The Activated Charcoal is more porous than regular charcoal, approx. 10x more, so you need a lot less of it to cover and be effective in a much larger space.

Where can we use the Vaayu Organic Air Purifying Bag ?

Vaayu Organic air purifying bag works anywhere just as an air freshener would. Its non electric and helps you save a lot of money, unlike air fresheners whose filters needs to be replaced every 30-45 days, these odour absorber bags have a life of 12-18 months. 

Specially curated 3 sizes and 6 colors for different needs.

80 gms air purifying bag can be used in wardrobes, shoe racks, gym bags, school and office Bags.

200 gms air purifying bag can be used in washrooms, study rooms, office cubicles, cars, refrigerator, kitchen etc.

500 gms air purifying bag can be used in large spaces like bed rooms, living rooms, offices, clinics, hospital rooms. 150 square feet coverage and more.

Is there any Usage Guidelines ?

Place or hang the bag in affected spaces such as car, wardrobe, rest rooms, office cubicles, bed rooms, living rooms etc to organically and naturally capture and remove the harmful pollutants, allergens, bad odor, mold and mildew to give you healthy air that you deserve.

Do I need to activate the Vaayu Organic Air Purifying bag when I take it out of the packaging?

 Not at all ! Vaayu Organic air purifying bag is sealed inside the packaging, unable to absorb anything until it is opened. Just take the bag out of the package and place directly in your desired space or pollution affected areas.

How long does it take for the bag to work?

 Since Vaayu Organic air purifier bag is made of 100% activated charcoal, it starts absorbing the pollutants, allergens and bad odour from the very day after being placed in the affected areas.

How do I Reactivate the bag ?

Recharge the bag with just one hour of sunlight once every month, to ensure product lasts effectively over 18 months.

Will one large 500g Vaayu Organic air purifying bag cover several rooms that are connected?

For best results, use separate bags for each space of your home. Even if, for example, your kitchen and living room are technically one room, it is best to place one bag in each area.

What material is used for the exterior of the bag ?

The Exterior of Vaayu Organic air purifying bag is made of luxury jute linen.

 How long does one bag last ?

Vaayu Air Purifying bag lasts up to 18 months, saving you a lot of money compared to chemical based air fresheners. It works as a natural dehumidifier and deodorizer and removes bacteria, pollutants and allergens. 

Can I use it in my car to remove rain and shoe odour?

Yes. The 200 gram Vaayu Organic air purifying bag is specially designed to remove bad odour and smoke odour from our cars. Just place it or hang anywhere in the car.

Is it safe for Pets and children ?

Vaayu Organic air purifying bag is made of  100% activated charcoal and is non toxic and chemical free. Its safe for children and is pet friendly.